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 At Victoria Kay Designs, we have a passion to help people by growing and sourcing the finest natural and organic ingredients - then using those ingredients to handcraft in small batches very unique, luxurious, quality herbal-infused and all-natural body care solutions. We aim to provide you with the highest quality, most natural body care products available that actually work!

TRULY Handcrafted, Wholesome and Luxurious Herbal-Infused Body Care

Made With a Tremendous Amount of Heart, Soul and Love.


 At Victoria Kay Designs, we believe that we have a very unique approach to making all-natural body care products.

 Hello! My name is Victoria and I LOVE working in my Permaculture Garden, in which I grow the herbs that I use in my formulas - making the products very potent. These herbs are then infused into organic oils, which starts the process of making the products from scratch in small batches. In addition to the herbs in my garden, I seek out and utilize the best natural and organic ingredients from all over the world to innovate and give you the very “best of the best” all-natural body care solutions because I care about you and your health!


 Our top-selling products are quite innovative! We also offer a variety of groundbreaking and exciting solutions for moisturizing, cleansing and helping you to smell good naturally; products for pets, babies, the outdoors, and much more! To start shopping, visit the "Catalog" link on the top menu of our page.

We are proud to be a "Made in Michigan" and a "Made in the USA" company! 


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How to Take Care of Your Products

Keep in mind that all-natural skincare products are like fresh produce - they are temperature sensitive!  We find it very important for the health of our customers (and ourselves - we use these products too!) to not use synthetic preservatives of any kind in our products, so therefore please do your best to store/keep all products in a cool place whenever possible. Please do not keep in direct sunlight, very hot or very cold temperatures; including in your vehicle (especially in hot temperatures in the spring/summer/fall).

Depending on how well they are kept and because of the essential oils, liquids (spritzers/sprays/mists) are best if used within 4-6 months. If you are going to have the liquid product for a long time and don't plan on using it (i.e. purchase in summer/fall, not using until spring/summer) please place it in an unused portion of your refrigerator until and during use. Otherwise, product should be kept in a cool place (not in the sun/heat) inside your home for best results, including your refrigerator. If necessary because of the heat in a higher temperature home (60 degrees +), place these types of products in the refrigerator whenever you're not using them or consider lowering the temperature in your home.

Solids (salves/lotions/creams/lip balm) will last longer but can easily melt in temperatures 75 and above. If this occurs, mix with a clean utensil -if possible- and place it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to cool. Lip balm/rouge does not need to be stirred. Product will be fine to use after being cooled. If these types of products start to have problems with melting or molding in hotter temperatures within your home, please place in your refrigerator and keep there whenever you're not using them or consider lowering the temperature of your home. NOTE: Mold can happen in high(er) temperatures (70+ degrees Fahrenheit) because we do not use chemical/artificial preservatives in our products.

Soap will keep for quite a long time! However, please still store in a clean, cool place until use. When using in the shower or tub, please try to store on a soap rack that is off/out of standing/sprayed water because longer-term contact with water makes the soap soft and it won't last nearly as long. Another option is to use our Soap Saver Pouch if you're using the soap bar in the shower. Not only does it "save" the life of your soap for longer, but you can wash your body with it! Find it here.

Magnesium Chloride (Jump for Joy Magnesium Oil) never goes bad! The reason for this is because it is essentially "salt" and will not ever mold, much less be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Therefore for this product you do not have to worry about it being too hot or too cold. However, because the container it comes in is dark glass, the glass itself may heat up in the sun so in this case it could be hot to the touch. Make sure not to drop our Jump for Joy Magnesium Oil container as it could break, seeing as it is glass.

Vitamin C Serum - Please store this product out of the sun and heat to help the various ingredients "keep" naturally for longer. Vitamin C Serum will store best in a cold or room temperature (30's - 60 degrees MAX Fahrenheit) environment. Its probably best to keep this product in the refrigerator when not using it so it will stay good for longer. Make sure not to drop our Vitamin C Serum container as it could break, seeing as it is glass.

Please avoid keeping any of our products inside your vehicle, especially in very warm or very cold temperatures.  

If you do see any mold, or the product smells "wierd", please throw it out. It likely has "gone off" due to high temperature fluctuations and/or some water, bacteria, etc. has made its way into the product. Unfortunately when given enough time in high temperatures, the product could melt, mold and/or become rancid.

We highly encourage recycling of all of our product containers whether glass or PET plastic - please send them to a recycling center or reuse them yourself (after proper washing) for projects/refilling with other products! Unfortunately at this time we do not have the facilities or manpower to take product containers back from customers and reuse them.

Taking proper care of your Handmade Fresh All-Natural Product will maintain its highest quality and protect your investment!

If you have any questions (that aren't answered here or on the product's page) about how to take care of your products, please contact us.