About Us

Who We Are

Victoria Kay Designs has a passion to grow and source the finest natural and organic ingredients - then use those ingredients to handcraft in small batches the most unique, luxurious, quality herbal and natural body care solutions available.

Victoria Kay Designs is very unique in that we seek out various external issues and conditions of the body and then handcraft a solution using herbs grown in our own garden. Those products have turned out to be our best sellers! In addition, we make lovely all-natural soaps, lip balm and moisturizers for everyday use - each and every one of them perfect for sensitive skin and which also include a number of herbs and essential oils.

We also pride ourselves on the fact that WE DO IT DIFFERENTLY! We are very unique because of our dedication to providing quality, truly natural products without any kind of synthetic toxic preservative. In addition, we ACTUALLY handcraft our products from scratch, from our own researched exclusive recipes and proprietary process. We definitely put in a lot of time and effort to make them (please see the Our Ingredients & Process page and/or our Skills, Technique, Art, Love and Hard Work - 16 Reasons Why We Are Different!!! page for more info).

Victoria Kay Designs is working hard to make a difference for our world and for your health through our promise of safe, healthy products that will hopefully help you in your journey to be healthier and happier.

The Victoria Kay Designs journey began with a simple idea and an entrepreneurial spirit, and was founded on the principles of God, family, health, lifestyle and helping people -  which you can count on us to always subscribe to and promote.

Home Grown Herbal Body Care, Where Art, History & Science Come Together! 

 Why We Make & Sell Our Products

Our mission is to create potent products that will help everyone achieve healthy living in their lives. We aim to make people feel healthier, look better, and maybe even uplift their spirits. We desire to bring the best of nature into our customers' homes. We would love to help you and your loved ones live naturally for this year and beyond!

Where We Are Located

We are located in mid-Michigan.

How Long We've Been in Business

Victoria Kay Designs has been operating since 2011, selling at various area fine arts and craft shows, farmers markets, festivals, etc. as well as out of our home and on our website. We are pleased that customers have recognized our wonderful products and because of their support, we've grown steadily since our founding.  

Our Website

Our website has been in operation since 2012, providing helpful information for everyone and also selling our handmade products via e-commerce. We are pleased to now be using the BigCommerce platform to host our website, provide information and sell our products to the population of the continental United States via www.victoriakaydesigns.com.

About the Owner, Operator & Creator

My name is Victoria. I'm delighted to be the artist, designer and creator behind Victoria Kay Designs's products. My passion is helping people and creating healthy, safe personal care products that actually help people, and that people can feel good about using.

For the past many decades I have been active in organic gardening, herbs, herb clubs, organic foods, and keeping myself and my family as healthy as possible. In the past eleven years I have been experimenting with Permaculture techniques in my herb, vegetable, fruit and mushroom garden by improving the soil, working with microbes and fungi, etc. – naturally making the plants very strong and resistant to pests. So far I am very pleased with how Permaculture has worked in my garden and plan to further my education in it and make my garden even better! In addition, I have been working on having the healthiest, happiest and most natural bee hive around!


Present Day

I have two wonderful grown children and a ½ acre Permaculture garden in mid- Michigan. When not working in the garden and creating products, I love to take grand adventures visiting our beautiful Michigan with my daughter - delighting in all that our great state has to offer.

For information on Victoria's background and the very interesting story of how Victoria Kay Designs became a business, please visit the page Victoria's Story.

For more information on our premium ingredients, our handmade process and how we believe we're making a difference, please visit the page Our Ingredients & Process.

Thank you!