16 Reasons Why We ARE Different!!!

Home Grown & Home Made Herbal Body Care - Where Art, History & Science Come Together!

1. Victoria Kay Designs is constantly innovating to make our existing products even better with exciting ingredients that will make the product even more beneficial; and we also delight in coming up with several new products each year for your benefit. However, these products are not just the same run-of-the-mill lotions and lip balms that you see everywhere else (although we have FABULOUS products available in that area already!), but offer many salves, balms, essential oil products, etc. that are time and customer tested, and that are unlike anything anyone else offers! 

2. We utilize superior exciting natural and organic ingredients such as Herbs (some from our organic Permaculture garden), Natural Butters, Clays, Oils, 100% pure therapeutic top-grade Essential Oils and even Detoxifying Activated Charcoal and Boron! We never dilute our products nor use any "cheap", "low-end" ingredients - only the best of the best! 

3. You'll find that our products are always naturally colored yellow, not white (Shea, Cocoa, etc. butters) or green (from the Comfrey plant). This is a sign of a truly natural product that has not been tampered with to remove its natural minerals, vitamins and other good qualities. We believe it is important to never use artificial toxic dyes in our products.

4. Our product line is always Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Synthetic/Artificial-free, Preservative-free, Dye-free, Artificial Fragrance-free, GMO-free, Paraben-free and always free of Petroleum by-products and anything else toxic. Each and every ingredient within our products is healthy and not harmful to you and your children - you can count on it!! We invite you to scrutinize our ingredients and ask us questions! We're not hiding ANYTHING and we never will!! 

5. Each and every batch is always "small-batch" made by hand, NOT in a factory! Our products are actually made the old-fashioned way – from scratch with our unique proprietary process - by infusing herbs into organic oils, and utilizing good ol' hard work to make them. A LOT of time, love and care goes into making each and every batch of every product.

6. We do not EVER copy other people's recipes. Instead, we pride ourselves on utilizing creativity and innovation by making our own superior recipes after doing hours and hours of research, and using our own intuition about what herbs, oils, butters and essential oils will work together best for the condition, to moisturize, cleanse, etc. Resourcefulness and hard work at its best!!

7. We do not EVER take the easy, cheap way out and utilize a base (comes pre-made in a bucket) of any kind for our creams/lotions/salves, etc., and Animal Testing is never used. Tip - Products are most-likely pre-made from a bucket if they are white ((good qualities from Shea & Cocoa Butter taken out)), and they contain glycerin, palm oil, artificial toxic preservatives i.e. parabens, etc. 


 8. Each growing season, we grow many of our herbs in our Permaculture Garden (even better than organic gardening!), and then infuse those herbs into organic oils. Background info: Victoria believes it is her mission in life to help people and that making and selling our products is how she is to do it. Therefore many days Victoria puts in 12-14 hours working in her Permaculture Garden, tending and picking herbs, researching ingredients for our exclusive recipes PLUS making the products (all science as well as art) as well as running her household. In addition, while doing all this she is always praying - praying that the herbs will be strong and effective and that the products will be very helpful, powerful and truly a blessing to those who use them while she is picking the herbs and making the products. 

9. We pride ourselves on our company's focus to help people by offering made-from-scratch healthy body care products, because our bodies deserve to be treated luxuriously - like royalty! It is vitally important to know what we put in and on our bodies. The skin is our largest organ and it absorbs 60% of what we apply on it; therefore, what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. In fact, many cancers, various diseases and reproductive disorders can be attributed to toxic body care products. Therefore clean eating habits, toxin (flouride)-free water, regular exercise, proper sleep and all-natural skincare products will create the best quality of a healthy lifestyle. We focus on healthy all-natural products because our bodies are designed to better absorb what nature has to offer, and because we believe that ALL people on our planet deserve truly good-for-them body care products that will help and not hurt them. 

10. Victoria Kay Designs is a proud member of the following organizations:

- Natural Ingredient Truth in Labeling Pledge (We took the pledge!)


11. Our gorgeous labels are made in-house (Art!) and most of our containers are 100% recyclable! We aim to be an environment-friendly company. We believe in protecting the environment for future generations and work our hardest to convince everyone to eliminate chemicals and toxins in all their forms from our earth. 

12. Our Mission: Our hope is to not only help people deal with conditions that they are experiencing, but to also bring comfort to their soul. Overall, our goals are to help inspire and educate everyone to have a happier and healthier life! Victoria Kay Designs is working hard to make a difference for our world and for you/your family's health through our promise of safe, healthy products that will hopefully help you in your journey to be healthier and happier.

13. We are always 100% committed to excellence, honesty, ethics, integrity, trust and honor in everything we do and we pray that we pay credit to our fellow man with these commitments in all our thoughts and actions. 

14. We are a Michigan company committed to Michigan and to the United States of America. Our products are 100% “Made in Michigan, Made in the USA” and they always will be.

15. In the past (before COVID), Victoria Kay Designs was frequently invited and accepted into numerous "Fine Art" Shows each year. We are proud to be recognized as a "High-End Fine Art" exhibitor by many juries, show organizers and customers alike, and we'd like to thank everyone for their support and recognition of our efforts. Unfortunately our business is online only now. 

16. Victoria Kay Designs is proud to be: TRULY Handcrafted, Wholesome and Luxurious Herbal-Infused Body Care Made With a Tremendous Amount of Heart, Soul & Love. We're SO very excited to be helping you and your family with your health through our gorgeous artisan handmade products!

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