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Shipping Cost

- Orders $75 and over ship for free.
- Orders $74.99 and under will be shipped according to the weight of the products in the order. One shipping rate for your order will be presented to you at checkout. As of December 20, 2018, we have changed our shipping to USPS weight-based shipping (hopefully a better deal for you too, we hope!).
- Order total is calculated after all discounts, promotions and tax. Shipping is a separate charge, and is then included in your total.

Your order will be shipped out as soon as possible!

Generally, all orders ship out of our Lowell, Michigan headquarters within one - two business days, and generally take between two and five business days to arrive depending on where the destination address is in the United States. Keep in mind that the package *may* take longer because of the destination and/or recent/current weather conditions in the U.S. We do include a tracking number (sent in an email) so you can see where your order is!

Victoria almost always fills orders early in the morning (6-9 am). If the order is placed from 12 pm - 3 pm on any business day, the order may not get shipped out until the next business day (our USPS man comes anywhere from 1-4 pm). If the order is placed on a Friday or Saturday, the order may not get shipped out until Monday.
 NOTE: *Sometimes we'll bring the order with us if we happen to be running errands into Lowell/Ada/Grand Rapids, and in that case it may get shipped the same day* :-).
Due to our very busy art & craft show schedule (esp. in the summer), if your order is placed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it may not ship out until Monday or even Tuesday.

If you want your order right away (same day shipping), its best to order on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays due to our hectic show schedule - we'll get it to you before we leave for the show on the weekend! Another option (but not foolproof) for same day shipping is to order the afternoon/evening the night before OR in the morning before 9 am AND include a note with the order that you would like shipping as soon as possible. Even if you do order in these time frames and if you include a note it may not be possible to get your order to you the same day because Victoria is attending an art & craft show. You are always welcome to leave a note on the order page regarding anything you think we should know regarding the shipment. We will do everything we can to get your order to you ASAP.

Regarding the Weather & Shipping (heat of summer/fall)

We are VERY careful with our products regarding the heat and the sun because 99.9% our products are so temperature-sensitive. If the temperature is too hot, we will wait until it is cooler (a day, two or three) to ship. Also, if you order on a Thursday or Friday we may want to wait until Monday or Tuesday to ship the order because it is too hot right now AND because we don't want the items to sit in a hot delivery truck over the weekend. We do also take a special precaution when shipping vulnerable items in the heat - a special silver "thermo" protecting heat wrap that works very well. Despite using this, we still will wait for the heat to drop to acceptable levels. If either of these scenarios is the case, we will email or call to notify you.

P.O. Boxes

We can ship to a P.O. Box if your box is large enough to hold the package we shipped your order in. Otherwise the post office will hold your package and notify you to pick it up at the front desk.

International Shipments

Currently we only ship to the continental United States. Sorry, no Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands or other U.S. Territories. Although we love our military - no military shipments overseas either at this time.


Refunds and Returns

Due to the nature of our products we cannot accept returns or refunds; however, we will work with you to make it right!

If there is a problem with your order or any of the products please contact us as soon as possible.



In January, February, March and maybe April each year we do offer a order-wide 15% off discount, so be looking out in mid-late December and the following three-four months for a discount code (valid online only). Note: Discount will be announced on the website and in our monthly newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on this website.

Shipping is always free starting at $75.00 and is a great discount in itself!

Otherwise, we may include some sort of small gift from amongst our product selection in your shipment - a "handmade by us" lavender sachet, our wonderful lip balm/rouge, a body butter, soap or one of our other products that you didn't order and we think you might like. Our generosity goes up the more you order (esp. $75 or more). With every order you'll receive a handwritten note from Victoria on beautiful note cards that are *sometimes, not always* pictures she has taken or drawn/painted herself!

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