Info for Usage of Essential Oils

Hello all,

I realize its extremely hard to find unbiased, truthful information about essential oils online and its hard to know who and what to trust! There is SO MUCH conflicting info about essential oils out there online, on apps and in books/magazines...

Therefore I'd like to refer you to two people (organizations) whom I DO trust and since you have confidence in me, I hope you will trust them too. Gauge/research them for yourself and see what you think!

Since I don't have the time nor the energy to upload information about all essential oils, their uses, therapeutic properties, safety, benefits, etc. (just the ones I sell), I am instead entrusting this information to two people:

1. Lea Jacobson, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and owner/operator of "Using Essential Oils Safely".

Lea is a fabulous, very intelligent woman who went through the Aromahead Institute's Aromatherapy Certification Program to learn about essential oils and has practiced as a Certified Aromatherapist since 2013.

Lea's motto is to "Know Better, Do Better" and her mission is to "Empower you with the knowledge you need to use essential oils safely - no matter what brand you use." She is very concerned with the SAFE usage of essential oils for people of all ages and health conditions, and does her best to get this info out to the masses. She does NOT endorse many common practices of essential oils, which it turns out are unsafe (i.e. ingesting). What impresses me even more (and makes me trust her more) is that Lea DOES NOT sell any essential oils nor does she endorse any specific brand - she only wants you to use essential oils SAFELY.

Her website, facebook and emails over the past few years have really impressed me, so much so that I am endorsing her and have sourced info from her book Essential Oil Profiles: Aromatherapy Reference Manual for the Beginner and Beyond here on this website.

 - Read Lea's profile here:

- Visit her website:

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Want to learn more in-depth? Enroll in her UEOS Basics course!

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Lea's Recipes for Essential Oils: 


2. Robert Tisserand and The Tisserand Institute!

I also highly endorse The Tisserand Institute and Robert Tisserand, their founder - is a genius in the study and usage of essential oils and has been practicing his craft for over 40 years.

I trust him and his information thoroughly because he also advocates for the safe usage of essential oils, is completely unbiased and does not endorse any particular brand.

The Tisserand Institute's motto is "Essential oil education you can trust - advancing aromatherapy since 1985".

Please learn more about Robert and The Tisserand Institute here:

- Visit their website at

- Follow them on Facebook at

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The Tisserand Institute gives out a lot of information, even has FREE courses on essential oils and many paid courses so you can learn more - all of which you'll see on their website.

Lea Jacobson (above) also endorses Robert Tisserand and has learned a lot herself from him (view this testimonial on the bottom of the Tisserand website).



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