Live Beautifully Headband (Single-Band)

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Note: Headband selections X and Y have been discontinued and are marked on the picture. So sorry!

Our gorgeous "Live Beautifully Headband" is the perfect fashion statement for an amazing day at the grocery store, spa, the beach, workouts, running, shopping, even applying makeup and bad hair days!

We use very expensive material (only the best!) to make these headbands. 

They are super cute, soft & comfy, somewhat stretchy and for most people, will fit pretty much any size head (except for very little girls). For most people they will NOT fall off or slide and will NOT hurt the head/ears.

Go Forth and Live Life Beautifully!


How to Order:

Please write down your single-band headband choices (numbers from the three pictures on the left) and double check you have the right selections. 

Then go ahead and add the quantity of single-band headbands you desire to your cart and proceed through the checkout process. Please take notice of the comment box (on the checkout page at the end of the Shipping section), and then send us a note with what your headband choices are (8, 12, 16, etc.). If you don't do this, your order will be delayed!

Finish the order. 

We will then send your headbands to you asap.


NOTE: Single-band and double-band headbands can be purchased in one order. Double-Band Headbands are a different listing. Click here to go to our Double-Band Headbands.

Proudly handcrafted in the State of Michigan, USA   michigan-sticker-3-small.jpg