Our outdoor collection has many different categories:
- Spa Headband - Wear this beautiful creation anytime indoors/outdoors for ANY purpose! Very comfortable, stretchy. Fits pretty much any size head and head shape.
- We have fabulous bug products! Our bug spray keeps them off of you and our after bite salve is fabulous for the inflammation/pain/itching, etc. if you do happen to get bit or stung. Smells great too! 
- First Aid Salve - You'll want to keep this around for cuts, burns, bruises, use as a drawing salve, etc. Fabulous product!
- Need help with the sun? - Our Sunbrella Lotion's ingredients have been proven effective in preventing sunburn AND the same lotion helps nourish the skin (repair it very quickly) if you do happen to get burned.
- Three-Leaf Products - Our Three-Leaf Soothing Spray helps with the effects of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac AFTER you've been exposed. Try one or both; better yet, purchase them now before you've been exposed so you have the natural, quick and effective remedy on hand!
- Thirsty Skin Solid Lotion Bar - This lotion is a thick formula that is very, very nourishing to any skin in any season - works great on the elbows, knees, heels, extremely dry hands/feet. We've found its also great at helping with healing the skin from an injury. Amazing item to have on hand so that when you need it, you have it! 
- Deodorant - Our Sweet Pits Deodorant is a formula that actually WORKS (do any of the natural deodorants work?) Ours does. Even in 100 degree heat. Smell like citrus-fabulousness all day! Works for men, women, teens and seniors. For many it even takes care of perspiration. However, this isn't the typical deodorant!! Why? Because it detoxes the lymph nodes - breast cancer patients and survivors love it! What other deodorant does that!? This hardworking formula contains no aluminum, no chemicals, only healthy ingredients that you'll LOVE.