Our baby products are so gentle and so natural that they can actually *safely* be used on babies! That's right - what a revelation! No chemicals, toxins or anything else questionable. Safe, all-natural, loving products for your little one. They also smell amazing!

*All of our products are intended to be helpful and potentially can be used on a baby/child's sensitive skin (it is what they are intended for). However, as with any of our products (except our Lil' Darlin's Baby Bum Balm and Baby Powder), we advise to be extremely careful when using on children under two years of age. Before use, please take the product with you when your child sees your physician or naturopath and ask if it would be okay to use on the child. We just want to be extra careful when it comes to your precious little ones, and we also feel the need to protect our company and family as well from lawsuits.